Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pergi......Mungkin Takkan Kembali......... :(

Hhmmm..... It has been a long time I didn't update my blog...
I was quite busy with homeworks( as usual) hahaha... n my Biology project !
Can't run away from homeworks.... itulah lumrah kehidupan sbg seorang pelajar... kan3??
Apanya yg pergi..mungkin takkan kembali??? actually it's bout my friend aka class monitar for four years from Form 1  ! Actually he will be going to new school sbb sek tu dkt dgn rumah dia....
senang ! jimat masa...jimat duit.... most of my friends didn't agreed dgn keputusan dia tu! hahaha... sbb apa ?? hhmm.. maybe diaorg tu syg sgt kat dia 'kot' ! ! dia tu kan 'THE BEST CLASS MONITAR' ! ! ! hehehehe...... however , we can do nothing ! ! ! just respect his decision.. that's the best thing we can do as a friend ! right ?? before this , we got a few friends that have been transfered to sek sains n MRSM.... mmg sedih bila seorang demi seorang kwn kita berpindah !
wwaaarrgghhh! ! sabo je leerr..... hahaha... dh berdialog cm citer Hantu Kak Limah la pulak..
So,hopefully all of us can achieve a big success for SPM next year no matter wherever we are ! ! !
Hhhhmm..... apa lagi nak nak diceritakan ?? I'm speechless right now! So, until here I write my story morry... I got to go!see you next time! before I leave , I want to give some motivation to myself n my friends, CHAIYOOK...CHAIYOOK !! I KNOW WE CAN DO IT!aLL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL!!! (^_^)
Adios.....Fighting for the future.....~Miss N~ ;)

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