Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lovely Evening with THEM ! ~HOTPLATE~

Assalamualaikum to all Muslims....
Jawab salam tu, WAJIB tau ! :)

Hye everybody! We meet again !
Lately, saya rajin sikit  nak post new n3 kat blog ni....
Hehehehe.... rajin la sangat yer... : p
This time I just want to share some pictures with all of you.
It's ok right??? ~ngeee~
OK ke KO ke kena tgk jugak ! (paksa2 mcm diktator pulak)

Last Thursday, what a great day !
Guess what?? Jeng...jeng...jeng.....
Ala, mcm la surprise sgt ! Aiseyman...
Gempak je lebih. Hahaha....
Ok2 ! Kita mula cerita kita...

I have spent my time with 3 of my friends, Atiqah,Aini and Fhaz,
Actually,this was our last minute plan.
Terkejut sgt sbb last2 jd jugak plan kitaorang ni...
Dekat sekolah kitaorang ada sembang pasal chopstick.
Entah mcm mana blh terkeluar cerita pasal sizzling mee...
Then, Atiqah asked me to go to the Giant food court to have sizzling mee.
I agreed to join her as I don't have a thing to do in the evening.
Just, zzzzz......zzzzz....zzzz.... You know what I mean right!
 Many people said that sizzling mee at the food court is so delicious.
So,I wanna make a try. I asked Aini n Fhaz to join us too.
We set up the time.

When, we wanted to make an order, there was no sizzling me but there was a hotplate.
For me, sizzling me and hotplate are just the same.
Hhhmmm.... ye ke?? Nak dekat sama la...
Hotplate pun hotplate la, cause my tummy dah berdondang sayang !
Can't stand it anymore !Kita redaaaahhhhhh jeeee...... Hehehe...
Here are some pictures when we were at the food court , having our marvelous HOTPLATE !
Yummy...Yummy.... Jom la mkn sekali ! hik3 !

This is mine ! Not yours ok ! hahaha...
namanya apa ea?? eden dah lupo !telan semut byk sgt kot!
No kiddin ! Mmg sedap!Indescribable beb!

Look ! That's Atiqah ! She looked moody b'cause she unsatisfied with her order !
Alamak! tersalah pilih la pulak ! Nak buat mcm mana??
Kena mkn jugak la... Kalau tak?? Membazir la kan !
It's okay, next time can come here again. Order which one do you prefer.

Aini is here ! Wah ! Looked so happy! Have a sweet smile..Agree with me?? hehehe..
She was so excited with this outing. Same goes with me. 
Suka yer bila org snap pic utk dia.. Senyum sampai ke telinga....

Who is she?? Hhhmm... That's Fhaz, with her love pink t-shirt !
Looks so nice right ! Actually, she felt so shy when I wanted to snap her picture. 
That's why we just can see sebelah je. Muka depan tak nampak. Malu  la katakan.
Takpe...takpe.. Jgn malu2 ! Makan la...makan...

Yeah! You already saw the pictures.... 
Actually, there are many other pictures but I can't upload it right now because don't have enough time.
Maybe, for the next n3, I will put all the pictures here.
To Aini: Aku sulah upload ini gamba... Tp sidikit saja laa.. Lain hari, aku upload lagi. Tala manyak masa oo...
Ok, till here. Hope we can meet again for the next time. 
I'm so glad if you can drop a comment. 
LOVE YOU......

Love Allah, Love Islam.
~Miss Nurul~
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