Friday, June 10, 2011

HAPPY HOLIDAY ! ! ! (^_^)

Assalamualaikum to all the readers.As a Muslim, you should answer my salam... If not?? Hhhmm.....
First of all I wish you......

It was quite a long time I didn't update my blog. Hhhmmm.... why? Hehehehe... I'm also don't know the best reason. Maybe I was too enjoyed with my holiday.I love holiday.Hahahaha..... All of you out there also love holiday right?

Hah ! Talk about holiday, I will out of mood because my holiday will be over in a couple of days. Waaarrgghhh ! ! ! Hate it ! Hate it ! Hate it !

Most of times for this holiday, I spend it at my hometown at Merbok, Kedah. You know what ? Sekarang MUSIM DURIAN ! ! ! Wow ! It's so great ! I love durian. I don't know whether you out there like it or not. You should try it. It's so marvelous. Got no words to describe it taste. hehehehehe....There are some people do not like just because of it's smell. My Wan(Grandpa) got an orchard at Tupah. So, everyday he will bring home a few durians for me and other relatives. Yg bestnya, kami dpt mkn durian FREE ! !  yeeaaahhh ! ! ! ! Hahahaha...... =)

I'm gonna say Goodbye to MY HOLIDAY..... (~_~)
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